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Be Prepared

These wise words by Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement more than 100 years ago, ring true in every aspect of life - the more so today with regard to the retailers' handling and management of cash in a crime-intense society such as ours.

Consumer pressure remains high as disposable income continues to shrink 

Shrinking salaries, a VAT increase, petrol price hikes, escalating food costs and soaring electricity fees are just some of the impacts highlighted in the Broll SA Retail Snapshot Q2:2018 Report

Woolies overall results disappoint – but Woolworths Food continues to rise  

Woolworths Holdings Ltd (WHL) has announced its results for the 52 weeks ended 24 June 2018.  Group sales increased by 1.6% to R75.5 billion. Adjusted pre-tax profit was down 13.8% to R4.8 billion.  Headline earnings per share...

SA retail growth slows in June 2018 but remains positive  

South African retail sales for June 2018 grew by 2.9 percent year-on-year excluding the effects of inflation, marking the weakest pace of growth since October 2017. This is according to the Mastercard SpendingPulse June 2018 report, which provides a macro-economic analysis of retail spending trends in South Africa.


Need to improve your bottom line?  

Polar Africa (established in 2007) can assist in three specific areas where most businesses operating in the supermarket, restaurant, butchery, hotel, fresh fruit & veg, bakery and perishable distribution centres usually experience losses.

Sandton City: Pioneering the future of food and experience  

Sandton City will soon be unveiling its much-awaited Food District. Entering into the ever-new and modern, the nature of the traditional ‘food court’ has evolved; today’s digitally-savvy, live-for-the-moment consumer wants more than just food-on-the-go. They seek experiences and above all, indulgence. Through matched global...

DANONE Southern Africa joins Polystyrene Association of SA 

Danone Southern Africa has become the latest producer of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) to join the Polystyrene Association, a non-profit Product Recovery Organisation (PRO) representing the entire value chain of polystyrene packaging manufacturers, collectors and recyclers

Fast-food industry tops in Customer Experience - SA-csi  

The National South African Customer Satisfaction Index (The SA-csi) for 2017, compiled by Consulta, has confirmed that leading brands measured in the survey across various elements of Customer Experience are more likely to reap tangible business and investment returns.

Six key benefits of the restaurant franchise model – and what to look out for when considering a franchise  

For investors looking to the restaurant industry and considering a franchise knowing it has a proven track record and is therefore possibly a lower risk, there are a few key things to be aware of about the benefits of the franchise model, which if investigated, can also point to a franchise that is not for you.

Recycling to survive 

The H1 figures are due out shortly. Even if the economy is not in recession we are teetering on the brink. Recycling can help a business survive the tough times. Waste is all about volumes - the more we produce, the more waste we generate. During normal or good times we tend to consume more and we generate more waste. Bad habits and inefficiencies begin to creep in. And, like electricity and water, we use more and our costs increase.