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Company profile: Liberty Two Degrees

 Q&A with Amelia Beattie, CEO


What is the Liberty Two Degrees story?

Liberty Two Degrees was originally listed from the Liberty Property Portfolio in 2016 as a Trust REIT and subsequently as a Corporate REIT on 1 November 2018. Our portfolio comprises R10 billion in assets, which are co-owned with the Liberty Group, L2D owns 33,5% of the Liberty Property Portfolio.

Hydrastay, the supplement you need to stay hydrated

The human body uses water in all its cells, organs and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. It is important to rehydrate daily. Hydrastay is a specialist supplement that taps into a natural amino acid called Proline, which is a substance that is commonly found in plants and protects them from dehydration during times of drought.

Epson announces new WXGA accent lighting projector

Epson has announced the LightScene EV-100 Series, a new type of projector that expands the company’s presence in the signage and lighting sector. With a sleek, low-noise design, available in black or white and created to blend into the background, the 2 000-lumen WXGA EV-100 can work as either a projector or a spotlight without distracting viewers from the subject.

How to build good financial habits as a shopaholic

If you buy something on sale, and you really didn’t need it, did you really get a good deal?

Every day, consumers are bombarded with products that promise to make one happier, thinner, more beautiful, or just make one’s life easier through its function alone. Whether you’re watching television, browsing the internet, window shopping or reading through daily deal email alerts (those ones you keep meaning to unsubscribe from), it’s hard to escape the onslaught.


 Marketing with intent: How AI is shaping sales 

By Craig Johnston, marketing manager at Bluekey Seidor, exclusively for Shopping and Retail Magazine

How would you sell a pen?

In the 2013 movie Wolf of Wall Street, inspired by the autobiographical book of the same name about Jordan Belfort’s rise and fall as stock-market millionaire, there’s an iconic scene where the main protagonist says to a young salesman, “Sell me this pen”. Haltingly, the aspiring salesman rattles off why it is an amazing pen, it’s features and so on.


Five tips for franchise agreements

South Africa has some great homegrown franchises – Mugg and Bean, Steers, Debonairs and Nandos, to name a few. South Africa is also no stranger to international franchise groups, such as McDonalds, KFC, Wimpy and SPAR, although there has been an increase in the number of international franchises investing in South Africa in recent years. The Consumer Protection Act, No 68 of 2008 ("CPA") is the first piece of legislation in South Africa that specifically regulates franchise agreements.


Retailers have no choice but to chase customer experience 

The onslaught from e-commerce means retailers must become smarter

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have no chance of surviving the onslaught from e-commerce unless they invest in their customer experience, says redPanda Software Group CEO, Gareth Hawkey.

If traditional retailers take on e-commerce providers at their own game by gathering insights and learning about their customers and their behaviour, they will have an ace up their sleeve, because in addition to capturing the customer online they can offer the customer a compelling reason to visit the physical store, exactly where the e-commerce retailers cannot compete.

Giving ACDC Dynamics insight into Band-It solutions

Training is essential for customers to attain a comprehensive understanding of the full range of Band-It stainless steel band-and-buckle systems, preformed clamps, cable ties, and identification solutions available from Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa.


Johnnie Walker Pocket Scotch

How could you possibly make enjoying great whisky with great friends even easier? Johnnie Walker has the answer: Johnnie Walker Pocket Scotch, the new portable and stylish whisky that’s ready to go anywhere with you.

Johnnie Walker Pocket Scotch is a compact new look for Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label: a 20 cl bottle of whisky that fits in your pocket and is perfect for sharing.

Informal retailers and cashless payments

Driving mobile and card acceptance among informal retailers holds the key to scaling cashless payments in South Africa

By Mark Elliott, Division President of Mastercard Southern Africa

Despite the majority (77%) of adult South Africans owning bank accounts, more than half of the total value of all consumer transactions in the country are still conducted in cash. This suggests that being formally banked may not be enough of an incentive for consumers to move away from cash.