Shopping mall trends: more competition and larger spaces to clean

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Ranked eighth, South Africa is one of the top ten countries with the most shopping malls, in the world. This is according to a recent South African Council of Shopping Centres’ (SACSC) study.

AI and the shopping experience

David Coleman, chief data officer at Experian South Africa, answers our questions

Drilling down to AI - what are the metrics, procedures and scope involved in analysing buying patterns and building profiles?

According to the “2019 Innovation, Smart Data and the Drive to Customer Centricity” commission study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Experian, the biggest use of machine learning/AI is in customer services and data management (38%).

Cash Connect Management Solutions

Cash Connect Management Solutions – from device supplier to the country’s foremost retail business enabler in thirteen short years

In 2006, when Richard Phillips, the current joint CEO, was introduced to one of the very first cash acceptance devices, he realised that this was the foundation of a service that had the potential of revolutionising retail cash handling in South Africa.

Human versus machine

How AI is tackling retail stock and staffing

2018 was most definitely the year in which AI and machine learning (ML) took the lion’s share of technology media headlines. Like social media, virtual reality, drones, and cloud services before them, the impending doom of AI robots taking our jobs drew conference audiences, filled social feeds and consumed traditional media channels.


Three + Three + Three =?

The 333 formula has stood the test of time for over 70 years and continues to deliver its powerful anti-microbial action on all forms of bacteria that can cause disease. Its fast working ability and versatility has made it a nostalgic household product for many South Africans


Overwhelming popularity of bottled water

A study by Harris Poll has found that 93% of Americans prefer bottled water over all other beverages. And, the fact that these same Americans want bottled water available everywhere is proof that consumers have accepted bottled water as an alternative to other packaged beverages .




Brand trends for 2019: winning consumer trust in a toxic climate

By Rachel Thompson, insights director at GfK South Africa

From data breaches to fake news to state capture to corporate failures, issues of trust and transparency ruled the headlines in South Africa and the rest of the world throughout 2018.


Kimberly-Clark Professional™ company profile

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ partners with customers to create exceptional workplaces, making them healthier, safer and more productive.

South Africa’s first smart lighting architectural installation

Johannesburg’s Rosebank has long been known as a cosmopolitan, trend-setting district, but now, thanks to digital display services company Primary Colours, it’s not just the street fashion that’s turning heads.

Futureproof your retail store by Higor Torchia, country manager for Vend EMEA

Is the bricks and mortar ship really going down? Not for those that innovate and adapt. Recession, economic uncertainty, political upheaval – these factors, among many others, are playing havoc with retail stability and longevity around the world.