Cape Town Gets First Smoke-Free IQOS Store

Cape Town Gets First Smoke-Free IQOS Store

Cape Town, May 2017 – Philip Morris South Africa (PMSA) has launched the first IQOS pop-up stores in Cape Town, for the sale of its revolutionary smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. IQOS is a tobacco heating system designed to heat rather than burn tobacco.

The IQOS stores are located at the V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk with roll-out of similar stores to Gauteng and Durban on the cards in the coming months.

“The location for the stores was an easy decision, not only because they fall in the centre of the Cape Town Metropole but because of the melting pot of cultures and brands, that the IQOS brand forms a natural part of,” says Blaine Dodds, Head of Marketing for Reduced Risk Products (RRP) at PMSA.

He continues: “We are extremely excited to partner with these malls which have agreed to allow the trial of this product indoors. The HeatSticks or heated tobacco units inserted in the IQOS device are not ignited, only heated and therefore do not generate smoke. The indoor air quality is not negatively impacted by the aerosol. This affords PMSA the opportunity to leverage the area of the store to demonstrate a smoke-free future to South Africans.”

“The South Africa launch of IQOS has marked a major milestone in achieving PMI’s vision of a smoke-free future, with South Africa being the first market in Africa where IQOS has been made available,” he adds. “Approximately 1.8 million adult smokers in the launch markets have switched to IQOS already, boosting PMI’s full scale global effort to market smoke-free products that can ultimately replace cigarettes.”
IQOS is an electronic device that heats specially designed heated tobacco units (branded as HEETS) at a controlled temperature, which gives a satisfying nicotine-containing aerosol without smoke, with less smell and no ash.

“After more than a decade of research and development by 430 scientists and experts with an investment of over $3-billion the IQOS system is the first innovative product available in South Africa which heats tobacco instead of burning it and produces a tobacco aerosol that delivers real tobacco taste and satisfaction, while reducing the levels of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals generated on average by 90 – 95% compared to the smoke of a standard reference cigarette[1],” says Blaine Dodds of PMSA.

IQOS consists of a pocket charger and a stylishly designed, rechargeable pen-like device that the heated tobacco units are inserted into.

The heated tobacco units contain premium tobacco and not just flavoured nicotine like traditional e-cigarettes, which Dodds says makes it comparable to the ritual of smoking cigarettes but without the smoke, with less smell and no ash.

IQOS is also available at leading tobacconists and at the pop-up stores at the V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk.

* IQOS™ is not risk free. The best way to reduce tobacco related health risks is to quit tobacco use altogether.

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