Complete parking and access solutions by SKIDATA

Complete parking and access solutions by SKIDATA

Whether commercial property owners wish to control the vehicular and/or pedestrian access to their properties, or desire to initiate revenue generating parking as another income stream for their business, SKIDATA offer a total solution to solve the problem or meet the requirement.

Since entering the South African revenue generating parking market in 2013 the company has enjoyed four highly successful years of providing commercial property owners and landlords with world class vehicle and pedestrian access solutions to the parking and stadium event markets.

SKIDATA South Africa have also initiated a process where – through its human skill set, coupled with its world class hardware access products, systems and powerful software, fully qualified project implementation, installation and commissioning, plus after sales service via their SKIDATA Care packages, the company is positioned to provide the right solution to solve the problem or meet the requirement.

The SKIDATA client and customer journey

However, the creating of the “right” solution starts with the commercial property owner acknowledging that they do indeed have a problem and they are looking for a suitable solution provider to provide the “right” solution, then having received the enquiry from the client (or operator if there is one), the process begins with a member of the SKIDATA commercial team meeting the client on site to personally see the site, discuss and review the problem and be informed of the clients’ requirements.

This is the beginning of the SKIDATA Client and Customer Journey.

SKIDATA South Africa have highly experienced and knowledgeable sales and commercial executives based in Johannesburg serving all the inland provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Free State and Northern Cape and in Cape Town serving the coastal provinces of the Western and Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

The SKIDATA ethos is to partner and work closely with its clients to realise the solution – which far exceeds the traditional concept of car park management – and so much more. The SKIDATA total solution features a 360 degree perspective that takes not only the clients’ needs into account, but also the needs of the guests and customers who utilise the car park.

The flexible SKIDATA total solution makes it easy to increase the satisfaction of the clients’ guests and customers beginning with the individual components of the solution.

Today customers are demanding more and more: more comfort, more adventure, more pleasant surprises. SKIDATA sees parking customers in a holistic context, and hence takes the following into consideration:

  • Location and type of preferred technology,assisting the client in selecting the correct type of technology system (Pay on Entry, Pay at Ext, Central Pay or Pay on Foot) for the required site, with the correct Bill of Quantities for the access system.

  • Benefits and loyalty programmes, where guests and customers can enjoy discounts which can be redeemed while shopping, or visiting a restaurant.

  • Relaxed Departure, where SKIDATA makes it easy for the guest or customer to pay for parking and extras by offering an understandable and easy-to-use payment system and a variety of payment methods. Show visitors the way back to their vehicle quickly and directly using automated information above the parking space.

  • Pleasant Memories, where guests and customers are treated to the same excellent service on the return trip that they did upon their arrival, reminding them of the good service experience when they get back home with special offers or new information about the attractions in the centre.

  • Enjoy the Rewards, where loyal guests and customers are pampered and rewarded with gifts and incentives such as VIP parking space for their next visit, or that the guests and customers have their vehicle parked for them by a Valet Parking Service.

In order to perfectly serve and impress the clients’ guests and customers along the entire Customer Journey, SKIDATA offers a total solution consisting of:

  • Comfortable and reliable access systems;

  • Revenue-increasing marketing and sales channels;

  • Perfect integration of add-on systems;

  • Optimised business process; and

  • Professional data and reporting management.

With SKIDATA the solution always remains flexible, customising the solution together with the client to meet their individual needs and enhance the selected system with tailored add-on options. Thus the client benefits from a well-conceived, total solution from a single source and a single point of contact.

A total solution with continuous innovation

Since 1985, SKIDATA has revolutionised the car park management market throughout Europe with new products and services, such as direct entry and exit with a credit card, illuminated multicoloured barrier arms, colour coded directional indicators on the barrier head, the first database-driven system, interface concepts for the integration of additional solutions, as well as flexible data carriers and the self-monitoring and automation of software.

The continuous focus on innovation and development at SKIDATA lets the client benefit from the latest technologies and services throughout the entire life cycle of the right solution.

Technology Solution Design

Access Investment security thanks to comfortable and reliable access systems.

SKIDATA can assist with the design of the technology solution paying specific attention to:

High Performance” Access Technology, at over 8 500 installations worldwide in over 100 countries – including 46 in Southern Africa – clients and operators are benefiting from SKIDATA car park management, from simple system solutions to complex, interconnected network installations with several hundred devices.

Here SKIDATA access components: Power.Gate, Lite.Gate, Barrier.Gate, Keytag.Gate, and PlateTech.Logic convince through their scalability, durability, speed and comfort.

For all of its solutions, SKIDATA puts great emphasis on a modern, usability-oriented design.

Payment Made Easy, whether at the manned cash desk Manual.Cash, the automated payment machines Easy.Cash, Power.Cash with cash and cashless credit card facilities and Credit.Cash, or directly at the exit with a range of cashless payment methods such as Tap & Go, with SKIDATA the client can offer to guests and customers the easiest operation and a wide range of payment methods.

SKIDATA offers a wide range of access media types where diversity is also present. Whether for short-term Barcode Tickets, that are printed at the entry column Power.Gate with individual announcements for casual parkers, RFID Cards for monthly tenant “contract” parkers and 2D barcode and Print@Home QR readers, or the utilisation of license plate technology, all SKIDATA data carriers are characterised by the highest security with regards to encryption and data and also offer the best performance and multipole printing options.

Integration to 3rd Party Add-On Systems, where SKIDATA offer a single point of contact for a prefect fitting and seamless integration with systems such as Digital Intercom and CCTV systems, Bay Monitoring or Parking Guidance systems and License Plate Recognition systems.

Powerful Software, which is the driving engine of the entire system, with the perfect combination of the Parking.Logic management software and all hardware components, the Parking.Logic software is the core of the SKIDATA car park management solution.

With a large number of optional modules, extensive configuration possibilities and numerous interfaces for the integration of additional systems, Parking.Logic perfectly meets clients’ needs. The annual software upgrades continually extend the functionality of the solution and make the investment future-proof.

Meaningful Reporting, where SKIDATA makes smart tools available for the client to manage the parking business perfectly and provide reporting solutions that provide access to all the data such as turnover and number of parking customers.

Project implementation, installation, commissioning, training and after sales service

Efficiency increase through targeted optimisation of operational processes.

Certified SKIDATA experts with industry know how and knowledge manage the complete project with the liaison with the professional team specifically from the planning of the required network and switches, the location and design of the entry and exit lane civil works and automatic payment machine locations, to the installation of all hardware devices, connection to the network, commissioning of the entire technology system, handover and training of the operator and or client.

SKIDATA South Africa offer a Maintenance Contract with every commercial proposal, whereby after the First Year Warranty, we provide the cost of the next four years’ preventative maintenance via the SKIDATA. Care packages. All maintenance and repairs are carried out by qualified technicians and certified engineers who have all been trained at SKIDATA AG in Austria.

We strongly believe that this investment in technical services provides the peace of mind that clients’ require to enhance their considerable investment in the overall access and payment technology solution.


SKIDATA relentlessly revolutionise the industry with innovation, inspiration, and simplicity to thrill its clients’ worldwide with perfectly fitting solutions, valuable data and outstanding service.

For further details on SKIDATA Parking and Access Solutions in South Africa contact the Head of Sales and Marketing, Derek Morris on (w) +27 11 447 8698, (m) +27 82 363 4508, or (email)

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