Is your Centre waterproof?

Is your Centre waterproof?

Watertight solutions for your Centre

Effective waterproofing of retail environments is an essential aspect of retaining consumer traffic in your shopping centre. This is not rocket science.

Customers visiting your Centre neither expect to, nor enjoy, side-stepping puddles and dripping ceilings, anywhere, from the basement parking right through to the shopping malls.

In most instances waterproofing of roofs, ceilings and basements is incorporated into the construction phase. In other instances older buildings may require retro attention and solution. Either way it is essential that this crucial aspect of your retail property is dealt with by a professional company with the necessary skills, track record and product technology.

Shopping and Retail SA visited such a company recently and gained significant insight into exactly how waterproofing should be performed – for lasting results. This is Sanika, a leader in the field of waterproofing of retail and commercial property.

The Sanika team is a leader in the field of waterproofing of retail, commercial property and mining: Colte Smit, Sandor Dowling, Lynda Smit, Tanika McColgan and Paul Smit (founder of the business

Sanika is an established business founded some 28 years ago on the East Rand by roofing specialist Paul Smit. Paul’s partners, Lynda, Colte, Sandor and Tanika have steadily built the business to the high level of scope and capability it presents today, at an unparalleled and effective range of products and services.

“Sanika offers a full range of waterproofing solutions,” explains Sandor Smit, Sanika’s marketing manager. “From our own specialised waterproofing systems to traditional and conventional systems such as torch-on. However we are probably best known for our Kryton Krystol waterproofing system, Emseal expansion jointing and 10 year maintenance free boarded system.

Kryton is a cementitious concrete waterproofing product which is added to concrete, rendering it waterproof. Kryton has been used around the world for over 45 years.

Kryton – How it works
If water penetrates into concrete it attacks the rebar causing corrosion and rust. It then swells and pops the concrete, causing spalling.

The main objective of the Kryton crystalline product is to grow into concrete, in a reactive process, in the presence of moisture, firstly around the rebar – thus protecting it from corrosion.

Kryton combines chemically with water and unhydrated portland to form millions of needle-shaped crystals which grow in all directions to fill any capillary in the concrete, thus blocking the passage of water. This makes Kryton Crystalline Technology the only permanent leak repair system for concrete.

“Kryton Krystol technology actually waterproofs from the negative side of a wall, ceiling or floor, from the bottom up. – as long as it’s concrete,” continues Sandor.

Sanika’s unique Kryton waterproofing can withstand hydrostatic pressure of 140 meters of head (14 bar) of negative pressure. No other product can achieve this. “The beauty is that Kryton can be used as an admixture to the concrete during new construction, or it can be applied as a retrofit solution,” said Sandor.

“This makes it possible to fix and rejuvenate underground car parks and basements of shopping centres and office blocks from the inside – because it is often not possible to get to the ‘positive’ side where the waterproofing needs to be done due to extensive and invasive excavations of the paving, shrubbery or the presence of another building.”

The proof of the pudding
The application of Sanika’s Kryton solution to waterproofing is evident when one realises the extent of its use in shopping centres and commercial buildings across Southern Africa.

Blue chip property owners specify Kryton on their projects – and have done so for years, including the likes of Investec, JHI, Broll, Spar, Growthpoint, Accelerate, Liberty Properties – across projects such as Eastgate, Cresta, East Rand Mall and many more.

• Permanently repaired for the life of the concrete
• Can repair from the positive or negative side
• Superior bonding
• High compressive strength
• Safe for contact with potable water
• Self-healing
• Can be painted after curing
• Fast and easy to use
• Approved applicators for piece of mind
• Increased durability
• Reduces further maintenance & lowers repair
• Contains Krystol technology
• Can withstand high hydrostatic pressure.

Traditional waterproofing solutions – no problem
In addition to the Kryton technology, Sanika also offers traditional waterproofing solutions for roofing, such as “torch-on” and has also developed and perfected its own Insulative Boarded Waterproofing system.

Insulative Boarded Waterproofing -BEFORE

Insulative Boarded Waterproofing – AFTER

“This system is designed for use on standard IBR or Klip-Lok roofing,” Sandor goes on to say. “ The process resembles a cladding board system, in that we retrofit special polyurethane fillets on top of the IBR or Klip-Lok system – which may even be badly rusted or corroded, followed by a polystyrenefibre cement board which is then completely sealed with a mineral maintenance free “torch-on” waterproof coating.”

Most of M-Net’s roofs throughout both the Randburg and Centurion campuses were retrofitted with this system, not only rejuvenating the existing roofing, but enhancing it with its inherent insulation and acoustic damping properties.

In addition, box gutters can often retain water if blocked, thus causing corrosion and water ingress. These too can be retrofitted with a Sanika seamless waterproofing system as has recently been done at Cresta Shopping Centre.

Sanika’s confidence in its waterproofing system is apparent and proven through the 10 year warranty that comes with each installation.

Quality is the hallmark of all Sanika projects

All waterproofing projects undertaken by Sanika are done as complete professional contracts “from top to bottom”. The company does not entertain any patchwork or “quick fix” work.

Sanika is first and foremost an applicator and installer of its own products and solutions, and then a distributor of its product range through various retail outlets across the country.
The company employs and trains its own specialist teams who are operative nationwide. All training is very stringent and approved to the high standards of Sanika and Kryton, Canada.

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